Friday, November 20, 2009

Sisterly Love

I had a great gift recently. No special occasion, but Cailin warmed my heart in the best way ever. I was putting Malia to bed which is normally a very quick and easy task. Get her diaper changed, PJ’s on, get her a cup of milk or water, lay her down, give kisses and cuddles, cover her up, squeeze the tummy of her sea horse to make it light up and start singing, then leave the room and close the door. I think it is funny that she doesn’t snuggle up with a blanket or stuffed animal of any kind, but instead, cuddles with her cup.
This one particular night though, Cailin was getting Malia tucked in. Basically, I would put Malia in bed, do everything except cover her up, turn on the sea horse and turn the light off. When Cailin would tell me she was going to do this, I said okay and leaved the room. One night I thought I would watch and see what she did. Cailin climbed into the crib, raised Malia’s shirt, blew raspberries on her tummy, gave her a kiss on the cheek, Says “I love you Malia EE-ia, Bee-ia”. She covered Malia up taking special care to make sure the blanket was spread out and smooth, gives Malia one more kiss, turns on the sea horse, climbs out of the crib and as she was turning off the light, she says, “You’re my bestest friend Malia. I’m glad God gave you to me. Night night.
You know, I always hoped and prayed that when I had kids that they would get along. If they were friends, that would be awesome, but I mainly was hoping for no fighting and stuff… This is more than I could have wanted or dreamed of. Again tonight, Cailin tells me that she really loves Malia and she is so glad she has Malia for a sister. How can you hear this and not get tears in your eyes?? My heart has melted!!!!!