Thursday, November 11, 2010


We joined our Home School Network (HSN) this summer. We started in August. One of our requirements is to have 2 hours of candy sales as a fundraiser at walmart. This was Cailin’s first time trying to sell things. For her first time, she did pretty good. She was bashful at first, but quickly warmed up to the idea!! One poor man, he was doing that try-to-ignore-look-ahead-walk-fast-and-try-to-get-bye-without-being-asked kind of walk. Cailin practiced all day saying “would you like to buy a candy bar to help my school?” She tried asking this man who was desperately trying to ignore her. Cailin got out “would you like… hey… Hey… HEY… STOP!!! I’m trying to ask you something!!!! (while tugging on his pant leg)”. Would you believe he stopped and bought 2 candy bars due to her persistence?? Now there is some great sales!!!

Where are you

Hallmark sells books that you can record your voice recording the book page by page. They are great!! Each of my girls have 2 of these books. They each have the Night Before Christmas, then Malia has Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Cailin has I Love You This Much.
Malia was listening to Granny read Twinkle Twinkle Little Star one day and started looking under pages and under the book. All of a sudden, I hear her say “Gra-ie… Are youuuuuuu?” She was looking to see where her Granny was. She could hear her, but couldn’t see her. (she also looks for people inside my phone when we are talking on the phone!!).


Mike is going through nursing school. He had an assignment and had to do an assessment on a child between the ages of 3 and 6 years old and asked if he could use Cailin for this test. I told him that would be fine and we set a time.
He worked with her checking some measurements of height and weight and such. He checked her pulse and her blood pressure. Then he had to ask her a bunch of different questions.
Mike: What do you do if you when you are tired?
Cailin: I take a nap
Mike: what do you do when you go outside?
Cailin: I play
Mike: What do you do when you are hungry?
Cailin: I starve.
Mike: Child services will see you in the morning!!!
Thankfully mike knows us well enough to know that my kids are not starving. I just about died from laughing so hard. Definitely not something I am going to forget anytime soon!!

Oh What a day!!!!

While I hesitate to post this because I don’t want people to know how rotten my kids are; I feel that I NEED to post this so I can read it to my girls when they are older and look back and laugh. Right now though, I am not laughing.
Today is a BAD day!! I mean bad. It all started this morning. Actually, now that I think about it, it started last night when Cailin refused to go to sleep. She came out of her room a bazillion times for various things and by 11:00 I was tired of it and tapped her bottom. Not hard, but enough to get her to stay in bed. We have been kind of slacking on preschool, so I told her that we were going to spend quite a bit of time on preschool in the morning. At 11:30, Cailin is in bed crying because she can hear the coyotes and they are scaring her. I guess that scene from Beauty and the Beast scared her. I don’t know… I caved in and told her to go upstairs to the little bed in my room (basically a fold out cushion). She did. We finally fell asleep.
This morning, as soon as Chris left for work, Rebel was looking out my bedroom window and decided to go ape-shit at something. I got out of bed and saw my lovely neighbor herding his 2 HUGE pigs back to his yard. He is luck that HE was out there with them, because this is not the first time the pigs have come to visit and I have told my neighbor that I am going to call him next time and if he shoots the pigs, I’ll split the meat with him. The neighbor that the pigs belongs to doesn’t believe in fences I guess, because all of his livestock is always wandering into my yard. At this point, I really wouldn’t feel too bad about enjoying some of it for dinner.
Anyway, back to my day… rebel acting like a nut woke up Cailin. I told her lay back down and go back to sleep since she was up so late last night. I didn’t go back to sleep. I started reading my Calvert School manual to see what we were doing for preschool today. Cailin did not do as I asked (surprise surprise) and decided to play in bed anyway. Great. She normally sleeps 9-9ish, last night she slept 11:30-7:45. This was going to be a good day.
When Malia woke up, she woke up happy. I’m glad. I fixed the girls some pop tarts for breakfast. Cailin thought that it would be a blast to take Malia’s food and hold it about a half inch above where Malia could reach; just enough to make her mad. Then Cailin would laugh at her. She would do this with several toys as well that I had to take away and ask her to please be nice to her sister. Cailin took this opportunity to remind me that she really wants a baby brother. I told her that until she learns how to treat her baby sister, she doesn’t even get to think about a baby brother.
After breakfast, Cailin got dressed and we started preschool. Malia used her crayons and colored on the kitchen table. Cailin tells me “I just want to argue today” I responded by telling her she could argue, I would just tap her bottom when she did… that was fine with me. She didn’t like that option. I tell her what we are going to do and she told me no. I tapped her fingers. She saw I meant business. I didn’t do it hard… I barely touched her, but she needs to understand that I am mom, boss, and teacher and I am in charge. She finally saw things my way. Shortly after this, I hear Malia playing in the water. She was at the cabinet though. OH CRAP!!! I just realized she was filling her cup at the fridge, and dumping it into the kitchen drawer where her cups were. Not in the cups, but just in the drawer. She had a good half inch of water in there. (For those that haven’t been here, there are 2 cabinet doors that open, and then in those doors are 2 drawers that pull out. The top drawer has the kid’s cups in it, but bottom has oatmeal packets, fruit snacks, dried fruits, and other snack types of stuff. I had to empty all the cups out and try to sop up this water before it started dripping onto my food. Malia wanted to ‘help’, but she wasn’t helping, so I sent her out of the kitchen. Cailin came in to tell me she didn’t brush her teeth yet, so I sent her in the bathroom to brush her teeth. She comes out with a paint brush instead of her tooth brush to clean her teeth. Wonderful. I sent her to get a toothbrush and to brush her teeth the right way.
Forgive me, but around this point, my details get fuzzy. Cailin came back into the kitchen and didn’t do something that I asked her to do so I sent her back to her room to do it. While she was on her way back to her room, already upset that I was making her do something the correct way, (it might have been something like put laundry in hamper) Malia attacked. Malia was in the bathroom and was mad about something. Malia was standing on the step stool at the sink with a cup of water. She threw the cup of water, CUP AND ALL at Cailin. Cailin gets mad and retaliates with hitting Malia. Cailin is wet and crying. I tell her to go get dry clothes on and go to bed. If her and her sister can’t get along, they are going to bed. I gave Malia a towel, told her to clean up her mess, and then she was going to bed. She was crying as well. They both started crying even harder saying they weren’t tired and it wasn’t fair, and ….. I get them both in bed and take an extra Prozac hoping and praying that it will kick in quicker than normal and I will have a better afternoon. I called Chris and told him of my wonderful morning and all he could do was sit on the other end of the phone and laugh. While I am laughing now, that is definitely NOT what I needed right then!!!
The positives of this morning, I do not need to worry about Malia. She seems to be able to take care of herself if anyone tries to take advantage of her. Naps came at 11 this morning instead of at 2 this afternoon. I really hope that this afternoon will go better and that meltdowns will not happen before 5:30 tonight when Chris gets home from work!!!