Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Daughter, my Sister!!!!

Over the past few weeks, i have been so excited about some of sweet Cailin's news.  She has been asking about getting Baptized for quite a while.  I wasn't sure if she was quite ready, so I just didn't push the issue.   On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, November 25th, we were getting our Christmas decorations out.   The HSN fall program was still fresh in our minds as that was on Tuesday.  Cailin and Malia found the tote that had all of the singing Christmas critters in it and decided they were going to have a show.  They went into Malia's room to practice and then came out into the living room to perform.  Cailin was the director.  She welcomed us to the show, and then tells us that we are going to begin our program with a prayer, so everyone should hold hands with their family and say prayers together.   This week was also Family church week at our church so Cailin got to stay with Chris and I in our worship service.  Our pastor spoke of how God isn't done writing HIS story yet.   I didn't think Cailin had any idea what he was talking about or what he meant.  She did see that we had a prayer time and we all prayed in small groups with our family.   I believe this is why she started her program by asking us to pray with our family.

Well, the girls had a blanket out on the floor.  On the blanket in a circle was Cailin, Lova, 2 singing frogs, her Christmas bear, Malia, Malia's Christmas bear, Nikki and one more singing critter.  Cailin had all of them "holding hands" in a circle and started praying.  She said prayers in different voices for Lova and her Christmas bear and then said her own prayer.   I was so excited and overwhelmed with what I heard her say, that i really don't remember what happened for the rest of our show.   Cailin's prayer went like this, "Dear God, Thank you for this wonderful day we had. Thank you for letting me go to big church with Mommy and Daddy today.  Thank you for dying on the cross when you didn''t sin.  Everyone else in the world is sinners, but you are the one that died for our sins.  That was a really nice thing to do.  Thank you for doing that so we could go to heaven.   Amen.   "

WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     So excited for my sweet girl.  We are going to church tomorrow morning to talk to our children's minister to see when she can get baptized.  So excited that I can say my Daughter is also now my sister.

Later Sunday night, Cailin asked me how old she has to be to get baptized because Jesus tells us we are supposed to get baptized.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh, I have had some great Malia quotes lately that I just wanted to share with anyone that might be reading this page. I update it so little, I am surprised if anyone does. Someone was talking to Malia and they said something about Great Grandma. they said "you know, the one in Grove" Malia responds "yeah, her's not dead yet" I had to laugh. While Grandma has had her ups and downs, she seems to be doing pretty well. 

Cailin asked me if a friend's baby, Tucker, was still a baby. I responded by telling her that Tucker just Turned one, so he was starting to get bigger. Malia pipes in and says "He's almost human like us now".

We were decorating our Christmas tree this year the day after Thanksgiving. Malia begins to make the ornaments talk... EVERY ornament talked as it was being put on the tree. I overhear the following: We need to quit talking now, we're on the tree. The humans will hear us and worry. I don't know where she gets it from, but she is definitely a quick witted child!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Yesterday when I picked up cailin (6 yrs) from her Sunday school class, she had some green streamers in her bag. I asked her to tell me about them. She responded with "we made Pom poms today". 

"Really?? What are the Pom poms for?". 

" Mom, it's Pom Pom Sunday, so we made Pom poms". 

"Well, what are the Pom poms for?". 

" When Jesus came to town the week before Easter, everyone ran to the streets with their Pom poms to cheer for him!!!"

I will never look at palm Sunday the same!!!!!!