Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Picky sleeper

I thought I was an easy going person. Not too picky about too many things.... That is, until I got a new bed. When I sleep, my picky-ness comes out in full force. I sleep the same way all the time. I like to sleep facing the edge of the bed and not the middle. I require a heavy blanket on me... not because I am cold, but for the weight. We currently have a down comforter and I LOVE it. The blanket must be pulled up over my shoulders and tucked under my chin without touching my face at all. Which ever side I am sleeping on, I will have that arm up by my head, under my pillow with the pillow pulled down to my neck. This is how I sleep every night. When I am in my bed, I am sleeping on my left side. If for some reason I sleep in Cailin's room, I am on my right, but the blanket, and pillow are always the same. It wasn't till I was sleeping in Cailin's bed that I realized that I always face the edge of the bed.
We recently got a new bed. We came upon a really good deal on a tempurpedic cloud supreme bed. Since I have been having troubles with my back a bit, we thought it would be a good idea. I was told that my waterbed was the absolute worst kind of bed for me, and that tempurpedic would be the best. We weren't planning on getting this kind of deal, so we were thrilled. After waiting almost 3 months after ordering it, our new bed arrived, and then all my sleeping habits went out the window. This bed, while it is very comfortable, it is a very HOT bed to sleep on. It makes it hard to sleep with my down comforter on me. This one minor change has made it interesting sleeping. I don't sleep well with just a sheet on, and yet this is what I am trying to adjust to. It is still a process I am working on. I'm thrilled to have a new bed, but now I need to create some new sleeping habits.