Friday, October 5, 2007

Teething sucks...

nuf said!

Yesterday, Cailin's nap was abbreviated to say the least. She only napped for about an hour. She woke up crying, and clingy. I thought she was just tired still, but she couldn't fall back asleep. Finally around 5, i thought maybe she was sore, so i gave her some Motrin. It helped... A LOT!!! LOVE THE MOTRIN!!! She woke again at 1130. I gave her some more medicine and gave her some love. She fell back asleep pretty fast. She woke again at 1, 2:230, and 4. Today, she woke at 815 and wanted to gnaw on frozen blueberries. She ate a waffle too... but she wanted to sit in my lap with her head on my shoulder and thumb in mouth all morning. I hate that my beautiful girl hurts so much. I wish I could make her feel better. Thankfully, we only have 6 more teeth to go. 2 bottom canine teeth as well as her 2 year molars.

I guess we are lucky. I know people who say their kids always got sick or something worse when they were teething. Cailin gets fussy, but normally Motrin, Tylenol or both will fix that problem... that is her only teething issue. I am glad... but still sad that she hurts so much.

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