Monday, February 18, 2008

Maternity Matters

Why is it that 95% of all maternity shirts seem to be 3/4 length. This is so obnoxious. I see so many cute shirts, but when I look closer, the sleeves are all 3/4 length and they are ruled out. It is annoying to me when the sleeves hit halfway between my wrist and my elbow! Maybe other people like them, but I don't. They end up being pushed up to my elbow or just not worn at all. Someone in the designer world needs to realize that just because someone is pregnant, it doesn't mean that they want 3/4 length sleeves... give us some other options please!!


Jennaug10 said...

Hey Gina, Why not check out Motherhood Maternity or Kohls or JcPenney!

Ice Cream said...

I LOVE 3/4 sleeves so you can send 'em all my way. Keep looking, though. I've recently found several super cute short sleeved maternity shirts.