Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Girls are Growing!

Things are changing here. Both of the girls are growing so fast and learning new things and making me smile every day!! I have decided I was tired of Cailin stinking up the bathroom with her little potty. She was getting big enough to use the regular potty. If she wanted her potty seat lid, that was fine, but the potty part was going to be put away. She was fine with just the big potty and a step stool. This week she must have tried growing on me. I am not sure who told her that was allowed, but she did it anyway!!! She surprised me one day when she told me she had to potty and I found her on the potty without a step stool. Great job big girl!!!
Malia had her ear tube placement on Wednesday. She did great. We got to the surgery center at 8am. I filled out some paperwork and then we went to wait our turn. There were lots of errors on the pre-printed paperwork that had to be corrected and so that took a while. We were called back to the pre-op area and given the first bed as you walked in. The curtain was kept open, so we could see EVERYTHING that was going on! Malia loved it since she is such a people person. An x-ray technician walked past and Malia thought it would be fun to play peek-a-boo with her. I think we were told “what a cute baby” about a bazillion times… seriously… I’m not exaggerating on this one!!! One of the nurses came over and told us that Dr Walker wants all of her patients to get a toy. Malia picked a blue beanie baby bear. She played with it for a few minutes, and then started playing with her monkey instead. They both got tossed to the floor by Malia, then picked up by daddy, then tossed to the floor by Malia and picked up by daddy… over and over and over and over again! It was a bit funny! The nurse anesthetist came and introduced herself. She was Jen. She handed Malia a bubble gum flavored mask. We had about 20 minutes to play with the mask before they took her into surgery. This was good because it got her used to the mask. She was chewing away on it. Sometimes the squishy part that molds around her face was in her mouth, Sometimes, the part that the hose hooks onto went into her mouth. She put it on the bears head, and laughed and laughed… then it went onto the floor for daddy to get. (Are you seeing a pattern here)? Jen came around 9 to take Malia to the surgery suite. Jen carried Malia while someone else pushed the bed. They asked to take her monkey in with her for the surgery. Chris and I moved to the waiting room. We were there for a grand total of 15 minutes before Dr. Walker came out looking for us. She let us know that her right ear was still infected, but she got it all cleared out. She told us they would call us back in a few minutes to get her.
Before dr. walker was back in the surgery area, they called us back. I could hear her crying in one of the recovery rooms. She was sobbing inconsolably. They told me to sit in the chair in the corner and they passed her to me. She instantly stopped crying and put her thumb in her mouth and just cuddled. After about 5 minutes, they said to offer her some juice. She sucked it down!!! Then she got annoyed with the probe on her finger that was monitoring her oxygen saturation. She pulled it off. They ended up putting it back on her toes instead. She also had two monitors stuck on her back that she couldn’t reach.
By 10:00, she had drank about 3 ounces of strawberry/raspberry juice and was calm. They told us that we could get her dressed and we were done for the day. It was time to go home. That was fast!!!!
We came home and Cailin was excited that Malia was home so soon. Malia came inside, ate and then napped. When she woke up, she started crawling… FORWARD. Then she quickly started PULLING UP ON EVERYTHING as well. This means she was also able to get into everything as well!!!! I am so glad she is feeling better.

Grandma was here and brought the girls each some toys. Malia got a set of Disney princesses and Cailin got a princess watch, a charm necklace and a shirt that changes color. While we were in the hospital, I know Cailin was playing with Malia’s princesses, which is fine. That night, I asked Cailin where the princesses were. Here’s the conversation:
Where are the princesses at?
Oh, I don’t know.
I know you were playing with them today, where did you put them when you were done?
They went for a train ride.
They did? Did they have a great time?
Yeah! (With excitement).
Well, where did the train take them? (I was expecting an answer of to the kitchen, in the bathroom, or under the table, no such luck).
They went on the train to the doctors.
Well, where’s the doctor’s at?
Matter of factly “Springfield”.
I thought I was going to die laughing. I found them later under the shelves in the laundry room.

Cailin has also mastered her alphabet! I would like to take credit for teaching her, but she really took a liking to the Leap Frog Letter Factory movie. She watched it oodles. She can recognize all of her capital letters, and tell me what sound they make. She can write the letter H as well. I am not sure yet if she knows her lower case letters yet... but we will start on that this week. I am so proud of how much she is learning!!!!

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