Thursday, November 11, 2010


We joined our Home School Network (HSN) this summer. We started in August. One of our requirements is to have 2 hours of candy sales as a fundraiser at walmart. This was Cailin’s first time trying to sell things. For her first time, she did pretty good. She was bashful at first, but quickly warmed up to the idea!! One poor man, he was doing that try-to-ignore-look-ahead-walk-fast-and-try-to-get-bye-without-being-asked kind of walk. Cailin practiced all day saying “would you like to buy a candy bar to help my school?” She tried asking this man who was desperately trying to ignore her. Cailin got out “would you like… hey… Hey… HEY… STOP!!! I’m trying to ask you something!!!! (while tugging on his pant leg)”. Would you believe he stopped and bought 2 candy bars due to her persistence?? Now there is some great sales!!!


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