Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fashionably late

I realized that I have not posted pictures yet from Halloween. Cailin had a blast. She was a frog, or as she calls them, a BIBBIT! She loved being a bibbit. It took her 2 houses to catch on that when she knocked on a door, someone would open the door and put candy into her trick or treat bag. She didn't want anyone to help carry her bag, she didn't want anyone to carry her. She wanted to eat everything that night. (We are only 3-4 pieces shy of what we started with now). After we went trick or treating, we went to a safe kids fest put on by the fire and police departments. It was great. They had games, food, prizes. The games were fairly simple games. One was throw the ghost into the pumpkin. They took golf balls and covered with a white hankerchief. They had to stand on the appropriate line and throw them into a pumpkin bucket. Cailin took the ghosts one at a time, and walked up to the bucket and put the ghost in. NONE of the ghost stuck out of the pumpkin. she pushed it all down in there nice and need. Then she would walk back, get another, and do it again into the next buck, and the same for the third. Of course she won a prize for getting them all in. She got a temporary tattoo on her hand. She thought the first one was soo neat that she gave them her other hand for one as well.

Here are some pictures of my adorable little bibbit!