Saturday, November 3, 2007

South Beach Day 1

I finally had a chance to go grocery shopping. Yesterday I spend quite a bit and a lot of it was on fresh produce. This means that today will officially be Day One to start the South Beach Diet. I know I shouldn’t think of it as a diet, but instead a new way of eating, and a healthier way of eating. It is hard.

Today, I woke up and got on the scale. It says 184. Not what I want to see, but I am hoping to change that starting today. Part of why I am 4 pounds more than normal is due to that wonderful monthly cycle that just ended for this month… I always seem to gain 3-4 pounds and then gradually loose it until the following month it happens again.

It is only 3 o’clock and I have to say that this is not going to be an easy first 2 weeks. Breakfast was good, but it took significantly longer to make the Cheesy Frittata than it would to pop a frozen waffle into the toaster. Luckily, I have enough that will last for 2 more days… and that includes some for Cailin for breakfast as well. I look forward to attempting an asparagus omelet later this week. This morning I had a mozzarella cheese stick for a snack after breakfast, and I wasn’t very hungry for lunch. Breakfast was late anyway. For an afternoon snack, I had a wedge of cheese (garlic and herb flavored) on some celery. Tonight we will have marinated London broil which sounds delicious and smells good so far with the marinade. We are also going to have South beach surprise mashed “Potatoes”. It is actually cauliflower. Billie suggested it. She said that it is no where close to potatoes, but it was good. I am also going to make a salad and then for dessert, I am going to try the almond ricotta crème. That part sounds delicious.

Before I go to bed, if I can find my tape measurer I am going to measure my sizes on arms, legs, and tummy area. I would like to see numbers on the scale go down as well as inches.

My hardest challenge today was when I was making lunch for Cailin. She had peanut butter and banana sandwich. She didn’t eat it all. A lot of times, I will eat what ever she doesn’t eat, and today, it is still sitting on the table. I hate throwing it away, so I am going to offer it to her as a snack when she wakes from a nap. She also had a small MICROSCOPIC sized Hershey bar from trick-or-treating. I sooo wanted a bite of it to snack, but I passed.

I am determined to do this. As well as loosing weight, another bonus is that I will be kind of forced to fix healthier meals for dinner for Chris. I will be cooking more on a regular basis and not fast fixes like fish sticks and mac and cheese with a can of green beans on the side or Macaroni and Cheese-burger… I am going to work on real meals… sides, a lot of chicken. I am going to attempt to eat some fish. We have lots of halibut in the freezer.

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