Sunday, December 16, 2007

Customer Service

I am getting really tired of the company “Winks” that is supposed to be printing my pictures onto the material. They have had my pictures for over a month now. The estimated pick-up date on my ‘contract’ says 11/19-11/21. They are behind. They keep telling me they are out of transfer paper and the place they order it from was backordered. Then that company went out of business. Then they found another place, put in an order, then they were backordered as well… This was on-going. It was wasting my time. I am a BIG FAN of customer service and their’s SUCKED!!! You would think if someone puts in an order as large as I did, (it was 58 pictures, and approximately a $60 order), they would call and let you know the status of the order. If the stuff they needed was backordered, call and tell me. I would be more understanding if someone keeps me updated than if I am left hanging in the dark. They told me that it would take a week or two. It ended up over a month. Monday, we had an ice storm. They were closed which was understandable. I called Tuesday morning getting a little (VERY) irritated. They tell me that the transfer paper had an attempted delivery on Monday, but they were closed and could not receive it. They told me that it would be re-delivered on Tuesday, the day I was calling, and they would get them printed and would be ready by 3-4pm on Tuesday. I asked them if I could get a discount since it took so long and they couldn’t even call to let me know what was going on. They refused. I was in the hospital visiting grandma who just had surgery and was very confused and didn’t make it to winks on Tuesday. Tuesday night we were supposed to get more ice. It ended up missing us and hit Kansas City instead. When I stopped in around 11 on Wednesday, THEY STILL WEREN'T READY. They told me that the transfer paper got stuck in Kansas City in the snow storm the night before. IF they were attempted to be delivered in NEOSHO on Monday, why would they be all the way back in Kansas City on Tuesday. It didn't make sense. I have a feeling they were lying to me this whole time. I took my pictures and material and left. I was just pissed. There is no other way to put it.

I left there and was in tears because I had NO IDEA where I could go to get this done and still get mom’s quilt done for Christmas. I left there and went to the post office to buy a box to mail some scrubs in. I asked Tammy who works there if she knew of anywhere else to go. Winks told me there was no place else in Neosho. Tammy told me to check WXY or silhouette imaging. I went to WXY because I knew where it was. I was close to tears. I asked the lady if she knew of anywhere that I could go to get it done without taking another 2 weeks. She says “honey, hang on just a minute”, and gets on the phone.

Hey Debbie, it’s me. Do you heat transfer pictures onto shirts and stuff?
You have to use your shirts?
What if it is on a piece of material to go onto a quilt?
I have a young lady here who is having trouble with a certain competitor and has nothing but troubles. It is for a Christmas present.
I will send her your way. Thanks
What’s that?
Yeah, I have 2 black shirts. I will put them to the side for you.
Okay, thanks a bunch

She hangs up and tells me where to go. Silhouette imaging is FOUR STORES away from Winks on the square in town. Four stores is NOT VERY FAR!! They are little stores. I offered to deliver the 2 black shirts for her and she says great, thanks. I go to this new store and Debbie is at her desk. When she gets off the phone, she asks me if I was the one who was making a quilt. I give her the shirts and she laughs. She asked me if my material was 100% cotton, or if it was a polyester blend. I wasn’t sure. She asked me If I needed the entire sheet, or if she could use a corner of it to test it with a picture. She took a small square as well as one of my pictures. She scanned the picture and printed it out and then pressed it onto the material. It took about 5-8 minutes. The picture was a little dark, but she told me that she would lighten them up so they would look better when printed. She even washed my material roughly with soap and water to make sure it was going to last. She asked how many pictures I had. I told her 58. After we were in agreement that she was going to do this, I remember to ask about cost. She said it was $4.50 a press, and 1 press per sheet. She played and found she could get about 10-12 pictures per page. Winks could get 4. She told me that since I had so many pictures, she could give me a discount and give them to me for 2.50 a sheet. This is going to be significantly less than Winks, and already much better service. She told me that she was going to try to get them done by Friday, but she promised it would be Monday at the very latest. I feel so much better about this already. Now I only hope that I can get the pictures sewn on Monday after I pick them up and then on Tuesday take it to the quilters. It just depends how long it will take the quilter to see if it will be done in time for Christmas. I can only hope so!!!!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Debbie also told me that she was curious where winks was getting their transfer paper from because it isn't hard to come by at all... she just got 4 huge loads of it in the past 3 weeks.

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