Tuesday, December 4, 2007

An Early Christmas Present

On Thursday, we were still in Maryland. The entire time that i have been on this vacation, I have been paranoid that my wonderful monthly friend would show up at the most inopportune time. It was due 2 days after we arrived in FL. This anticipation was in the back of my mind as we went through EPCOT and Animal Kingdom. I did not want this friend to show up then and make me uncomfortable. By the second Thursday of our trip, my friend still did not arrive. I told Chris about it and we bought a home pregnancy test. I did not have good luck when i was pregnant with Cailin with tests that had lines only. I bought one of those tests that uses just words. Hard to mis-interpret those tests!!!

The result: PREGNANT!!!!!

We were hoping to be pregnant by Christmas and have a September baby. I would be able to work as pool manager all summer. Cailin would be two and a half years old, and it wouldn't be the middle of the summer. We are a month early. This baby that is now transforming on a daily basis in my tummy is due to be born on August 4th. This is very neat because my mom's birthday is this day as well.

This is an awesome early Christmas present. I feel so honored that God is going to trust me with another small life to raise and nurture and to teach to love Him.

I am worried:
We have a lot of cleaning out of our house, and rearranging of items in the next nine months.
Cailin is a wonderful Child. Is she going to feel slighted when there is another child in the house?
I feel like I have no time as it is. How am I going to have enough time to put towards a new baby and still give Cailin the love and attention that she needs?
How do you stretch the love you have and make sure no one is feeling slighted, and everyone is getting LOTS of attention that they need. When I say everyone, I mean Cailin, this new baby, Chris, my pets (Socksy, Rebel and Jesse James).

I am excited and nervous at the same time. I have nine months to get used to this idea and get everything ready.


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