Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Conversations with Cailin

Yesterday, we were leaving the soccer fields from visiting with Daddy before he went to a meeting back in Joplin. Chris buckled Cailin’s car seat while I ran to the potty. The piece that hooks across Cailin’s chest, he tends to hook it kind of low, so one day I told him that it needs to be up at her boobs. Now EVERY TIME Chris buckles her up, she always tells him “Hook at boobs daddy, at boobs”. She reminded him of this yesterday as well. Once we were driving, we had a funny conversation

Daddy buckled me.
He did?
Daddy did a good job
At boobs too!
You have such a good daddy.
Gettin’ better mom.

I had to ask her why she said ‘getting better’ because Chris is a great daddy for her. She gave me the response to get out of everything… “I non’t know”.

Later that evening, we were in Wal-Mart and I stopped to look at the nursing bras because I really need some new ones. I got to have the following conversation with Cailin:

What’s that momma?
It’s a bra.
A bra?
Yeah, a bra.
Cover’s boobs?
Yes, it covers up boobs.
Covers MY boobs?
No, you have a little bit more growing before it covers your boobs.

I died! I had tears in my eyes when she asked if they covered boobs. I didn’t think she grasped that much yet, but I guess she does.

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