Monday, May 5, 2008

My chatterbox!

Cailin has been doing wonderfully. Chattering up a storm. Things that she tells us lately has Chris and I just laughing. “Bye home, see you later”, “Close windows, it’s windy outside”, “watch for cars, it’s busy”. She definitely has opinions and shares so many thoughts that she is coming up with on her own instead of repeating everything you say.
What interests me is this. We were told that the chronic ear infections she was having from January till April had no affect on her hearing or her speech. Chris and I really didn’t believe that. We could hear the pronunciation of her words going the wrong way.
It has been almost a month since she had her surgery. I have to tell you, her vocabulary has maybe more than tripled in this past month. She is talking oodles, and pronunciation is a lot better. Chris has noticed that he doesn’t need me to translate some of the things she says.
It was a long recovery, but now that she is back to normal, it was well worth it to have the tubes put into her ears to help ease the pain and help with her pronunciation and language development. I can’t believe the change just in the past month!