Sunday, July 5, 2009

Not sure what to do

I’m just not sure what to do right now. Cailin seems to have an unusual fear of so many things. I’m not sure where this fear comes from. She is afraid of her swing so much that she will scream if we try to put her into it. She will sit in another swing if she can touch her feet on the ground, but that is the only time. We tried putting her on a little baby ride at the amusement park, but was terrified before it even started moving. If we get in the hot tub, she will not let go of anyone. It isn’t like she has had fearful events that would cause her to be fearful, it is just out of the blue. We tried to swim at the pool at grandma’s condo. She had a death grip around Chris’s neck the whole time. She was terrified to let go. She wouldn’t sit on the steps, she wouldn’t sit on a floatie, nothing. She just screamed. I’m not sure why, and not sure what to do to fix it. We tried putting her life jacket on her to show her it would keep her afloat, but she wouldn’t relax and stop screaming if we started to let go to even see if it would work. Where did these fears come from? Is this a normal thing for a 3.5 year old? Will she outgrow this? Have we sheltered her too much that she is afraid of everything? How do you deal with this? How do you teach her to not be afraid of so many things? I’m a stinkin Red Cross Swim Instructor and NOTHING they taught us is helping with this. I am at such a loss and I hate that I can’t help my baby girl calm down and enjoy things. I'm open for ideas here!! Just leave a comment.