Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Success stories

WOW!!! I worked with Cailin in the pool one weekend and had no luck. It was as much fun as having the dentist pull teeth.

These are the first two pictures to show how fearful Cailin was.

The next weekend, Deana, Rosie and Colton came with us. Deana volunteered to work with Cailin.
Starting out, she was terrified with Deana too.

Making Progress

Deana agreed with me that cailin's fear was an unhealthy fear because she would panic and not listen to ANYTHING anyone would tell her. we got there Thursday evening and Deana arrived on Friday morning.

By the time Saturday evening rolled around, Cailin was holding our hands and jumping into the pool. Sunday she was jumping off the ladder and into the lake and spinning circles.

I'm so glad she has found the joy of the water!!!