Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Happy Momma

it has been a while since i have posted. Now we have faster internet and it will go by quicker, so i am going to try to add things on here more frequently.

I have a few Malia-ism's to share today. First one happened at nap time.
Me: Malia honey, it's time to rest, I want you to go potty and get a pull up on.
Malia: My happy Momma, My happy. My no need nap. My happy.
She doesn't understand that she needs that nap to STAY happy!!!

Yesterday we had lunch at a chinese restaurant in Neosho. It was a buffet. I got each of the girls an egg roll to try. Malia LOVED hers, Cailin says "mommy, i took my two no thank you bites, but I still really don't like this". I was so proud she remembered her manners and did try two bites before saying no thank you!
Me: That's fine. Here's something i know you will like instead" and hand her a cheese stick.
Cailin: What is this?
Me: A Cheese stick. You like these.
Malia: Holds her egg roll up and says "My has BBBBIIIIIIIIIG cheese stick! it's ni-gan-tic!"
the rest of lunch she kept commenting on her huge cheese stick even though she never found any cheese in it.

The other day, with no prompting from me at all, Malia walks over to Cailin, gives her a big hug and tells Cailin, "My loves Na-nin! Youse my best briend"
That is the absolute greatest thing a mom can hear one daughter say to the other! Especially if they came up with it on their own!!!!!