Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'll treat this time

I normally don’t like to talk about politics, or government stuff, but today I need to vent. Seriously, our government has to do something to revamp our welfare system. I am tired of paying for slackers.

I am well aware that there are people who are on welfare that truly need it and are doing their best to get out of that situation. On the other hand, there are quite a few who I feel are taking advantage of the system. They say “why try to better ourselves? If we do, then we loose the free stuff that we get”. This makes me mad.

I know of a person who recently found she was pregnant. She and her husband have jobs that you see high school and college kids taking. Insurance and other benefits just aren’t offered. They chose not to have insurance. Now that they are pregnant, they have found that combined, they make too much money to qualify for medicade. Their solution: She is going to quit her job. That way their income will be low enough to qualify.

Why not try to get a better job? Why do I have to pay for the medical bills of people who don’t want to make any attempt to make it on their own? This is a perfect example of taking advantage of the government’s system. How is this fair to those of us who are working hard and paying our own bills, AND paying for insurance? How is this kind of program going to encourage anyone to better their situation? Why bother? Why work harder if I can get taken care of (insurance, food stamps, free child care) for not doing anything?

As you hear from many little kids, “It isn’t fair”… I guess now I know what my mom meant when she said, “Life isn’t fair”.


Jennaug10 said...

You are totally right on. We as hard working tax payers shouldn't have to pay for people's healthcare and other issues who want to be lazy and don't want to work hard.

Serenity said...

OK, I agree. As someone who has gotten government assistance before I have strong feelings about this. I have a friend whose dh's leaves her every time she gets pregnant. She then goes to reevaluate her public assistance and when he comes back she doesn't report it for several months. He refuses to get his GED so he can't go to the local college. He doesn't seem to be trying.

Yes, we were on public assistance. We had the state insurance for the kids when dh worked at McDonald's. He was a manager there, but they still make crap money. This was his job while he went to school. It was tight for awhile, but now things are better. Public assistance is for people to use when they need it, not just all the time. I really think there should be a limit on how long you can get assistance without working towards something better. It took dh considerably longer to get his degree than it takes most people, but that's because he was supporting us at the same time.

Anyways, basically I hate when people take advantage of the system and gives those that use it like it should be a bad name.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know the person your talking about, she is a college student. They do work very hard, you criticize without knowledge. I work a full time job, go to college full time and take care of my family. I get food stamps and medical for my children. So I must me lazy or don't want to work hard either. I would love not to have to need these things, but as a tax payer myself. When I am in need that is what it is there for. I don't like it when people do nothing and receive the same or more benefits as me. But for you to judge her, your wrong.

Gina said...

I was using that one particular person as an example. I am well aware that they are both hard workers. I am aware that she is a college student. Does that mean that I agree with her to quit her job so she can get government support? No. Not at all. If you have a job and need to quit so that you can qualify, that is not fair to those that need it. Am I criticizing everyone that is using the government's support? Not at all. I know that there are lots of people that need the help and I am glad that we are in a country where those people are able to get the support they need. My complaint is in the people who take advantage of the situation... Like the person that serenity mentioned in her first paragraph. You must have mis-read my post if you think that i am against anyone who is getting assistance.