Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mind Your Manners Mommy!

Apparently Cailin has been listening when I am working with her on her manners, she now says Excuse Me (stuze me) before plowing into you with her stroller, she MOSTLY remembers to say Please, and almost always says thank you. I am very proud of her, however, she did remind me that I am not minding mine all the time and even though she is a child, I need to use my manners with her as well.

Earlier this week, Cailin found Chris’s stash of Pepperidge farm goldfish. She LOVES them just as much as her daddy does. She was eating some out of the bag when she runs to me with one in her hand saying “Ere mommy”. I stoop down and open my mouth. When it is less than an inch away from my mouth, she pulls is back and gets a grin on her face… “peeese mommy…. Peeeeeeessee…” I forgot to say please. I said please and she says “ere-go momma” and puts it into my mouth.
Thank you for that gentle reminder that even though you are small, I still need to mind my manners!!

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