Monday, January 28, 2008

Thank you!

Yesterday after church, there was an appreciation luncheon for all nursery workers for the church and their families. My church is Big. My church is growing. My church is amazing with how many different ministries there are and how many ways you can become active in the church. I help in the children's department every other month. They want you to only go every other month so you can have time in bible studies with your family as well. I teach in the "pink 2's" class. There are sometimes 5 kids in my class, and sometimes 15. It is the "pink 2's" because there are 4 different 2 year old classes... we have to split them up because of how many there are.

There were between 150-200 people at this lunch yesterday. Normally when I think of a luncheon to say thanks or whatever, you think of deli sandwiches, chips and drinks... right? Nope, not here. They started us off with salad and rolls. Then there were baked potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, there was this stuff which I thought was dessert. I was wrong. It was awesome though. There was peach Jell-O on the bottom, and then bananas, pineapple, mango and some other type of tropical fruit in a sweet creamy sauce toped with toasted sliced almonds. It was awesome. Then there were green beans with diced up onion and huge chunks of bacon to add flavoring and the main course was ham. It was sliced about 1/8th of an inch thick and rolled. Stuffed inside I am guessing it was spinach and cheese mixture. I am not for sure on that, but whatever it was, it was good. Then it was topped with a hollandaise sauce. AMAZING doesn't do justice when you are describing this!!! After we had been eating for 15-20 minutes, they came around with desserts... white cake with this chocolate covered wafer thingy, chocolate cake with chocolate icing and a chocolate covered strawberry (this was my choice), cookies, carrot cake, or mousse.
What was even more amazing about this meal was this... ONE WOMAN made all of it for us. She worked most of the week getting it prepared so that she just needed to warm it on Sunday. I am appreciative of all of her hard work. I would like to tell her thank you, however, I am not sure of her name. SOOO… to the lady who made an amazing meal for us, thank you.

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