Monday, March 24, 2008

My Pet Peeve

Everyone has them... they show up at different times in our lives. Those little things that just get under your skin and there is nothing you can do except rant to no one in particular about it. Aren't pet peeves wonderful?

I have a few... clothes on the floor around the hamper instead of IN the hamper; dishes on the counter ABOVE the dishwasher instead of IN the dishwasher are a few of my housekeeping ones. As far as my child is concerned... when she was newborn and even now, when people would use that high pitched baby talk with words that weren't pronounced properly and not making any sense... You know that commercial where there is a small toddler in a stroller and the mom stoops down and says "mommy has a french fry, yes she does, oh yeas I do... I have a French fry" and the girl reaches out and whacks the mom on the head and the headline comes up "should have had a V8". I feel like that girl! I just want to whack those people over the head. Talking to kids/babies that was does nothing for them. It doesn’t help them to build a vocabulary. For my daughter at least, it didn't catch her attention any more than when I would talk to her like I would talk to any other normal person. I want to record those people and tell them they sound like a babbling bafoon and an idiot. I bite my tongue, but really, is it necessary?

My latest pet peeve, I have been rather vocal about because it really bugs me and to be honest, it down right pisses me off more than anything. We had our ultrasound a week ago on Monday. We have had oodles of people ask if we know what we are having. The answer is No. We are waiting till the birth day to find out. I tell them we don’t know if it is a girl or a boy. They ALWAYS respond with “Well, as long as it’s healthy”. SERIOUSLY…. Are you kidding me? So if it isn’t healthy, do you think I am not going to love the child as much? If it is a sick child, are you not going to think it is as great of a being as a healthy child? Don’t you think that would make God a little upset if you tell him that one of his miracles that he has created isn’t as perfect as you would like? To be honest, I think if I had a child who was sick, they would probably end up being loved a little more… they would require more attention and have more needs and you would be tending to them more. Why do people say “as long as they are healthy”?

Cailin isn’t healthy… mostly she is. I know she could be a lot sicker… but we have had our share of battles with health. She is getting surgery in 2 weeks to hopefully fix the problems we have been having. Do I want to trade her in for a better model? NO WAY!!!! I would not trade the “ning gain mommy” I get at night when it is bed time and she wants another song. I wouldn’t trade the “my dit it”s when she wants to do something on her own. I wouldn’t trade anything for when she is having a hard day and just wants to sit on my lap and cuddle for a while. Maybe other children do the same thing, but this is MY child.. the one that God picked out just for me. I wouldn’t trade that for a million bucks or anything else in this world.

Please if you are around me, don’t say “as long as it’s a healthy child”. I just might have to give you an ear full….

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