Monday, March 17, 2008

New Room

Cailin is getting a new room. It is easier to move her room to the guest room and keep her room as a nursery. We are telling her that she gets to have a BIG GIRL ROOM and a BIG GIRL BED. She loves it. There are still 'grown up sheets' on the bed. The bed is shoved into a corner of the room. There is no headboard or footboard on the bed. I made it sideways so that the blankets/sheets pull down from what is really the side of the bed instead of the headboard area. The comforter is pulled down from the headboard side just a touch to cover what would be the footboard area. To hide this, it was simple, all we had to do was put her stuffed animals on that area of the bed. NOT ALL of her animals covered over 3 foot by 2 foot area of the mattress.
She LOVES sleeping in her 'big girl bed'. Who cares if it needs some kid touches. Here are some shots of this 'big girl room'!!!!!!

These first 3 are of the beginning of the cleaning/rearranging process.

Here are some of the After shots as well as Cailin Modeling her ner bed.

Here is her after her first full night in her new bed.

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Dani said...

Cute! We did the same thing with Hannah, it was much easier than moving the nursery!