Sunday, March 30, 2008

There Ba-ack...

We have a pond. I love the pond. It is a relaxing place to just go and sit. The people we bought the house from cut down two trees and used the stumps for legs and the trunk of one of the trees to make a bench to sit on at the pond. It is a great seat. When you are there, the only thing you can see is the pond, and the trees behind it. No houses, no fences, nothing. It is so peaceful. Cailin is already learning to love sitting on the bench and listening and looking for God's creatures, or a pretty flower.

The peacefulness has left... at least for a few months. Last week, we could sit by the pond and enjoy the tranquility. Today, you can sit by the pond and get a biology lesson. One that is too complex for kids. When you crack a window, or even the door to let the dogs out to potty, there is a high-pitched humm along with some chirping sounds for a lack of better descriptive term. Cailin's frogs haven't failed her. They have come back, just like Chris and I told her in September. In the evening at the pond, there are a ba-zillion frogs... some are who-knows what kind of frog, some are tree frogs. Last year, Cailin was particularly fond of the tree frogs that would scale the living room windows and we could see their bellies from the living room. She thought that was a hoot. Every night we had to go outside and say goodnight to the "bibbits". They are all out by the pond breeding in full force. I have no doubt in my mind they will soon be finding my windows to climb looking for bugs who are attracted to my lights.

With the exception of the daffodils blooming, and the fact that Easter has already been here, This would be one of the First signs of spring! Bring on the good weather!!!!!