Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cailin Pictures

These are some random pictures that I have taken lately... they are in no particular order.

First, we got a new car. It's a jetta and I LOVE it!!! I told chris that is we could afford it, i would love to get a second one. That way, he can have one to drive to and from work, I can have one to drive around when I need to drive, and we could just use the truck when we need to haul something, or when we need the 4WD. It makes sense... the car gets 35-38 miles per gallon and the truck gets about 14-16. Not to mention it is soo much easier to get in and out of... especially with Cailin... I am dreading using the truck with 2 kids...

Anyway, Here is Cailin helping Daddy put the front lisence plate on our new car.

While I was at the dealership to get the wipers fixed, Cailin decided to test drive an Audi TT Convertable.

Seatbelts Please!

Speaking of driving, Cailin LOVES to drive!!

This is the bed that we are looking at for Cailin.

Easter Pictures

Putting colors on the eggs was fun!! We only cracked ONE egg as we threw it into the cups of colors!!!

She spilled some juice in the car before we were able to take pictures and was changed out of her dress before a nap, so her Easter shots show a sleepy, messy little girl…

Mommy’s helper LOVES to do laundry!!!

Twist ups write on people and paper... so much for keep it on the paper.

Cailin LOVES the cat and always wants him on her lap.

Bath Time! We like to swim in the tub!!

Finger painting is FUN!!! I strip down naked and paint!! Even though the paint is washable, this is safer!

The flooding that we had right before Easter. This is a road with campground on wither side of it as well as Big Spring park… what a mess!!

This is a camp ground believe it or not

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Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

Gina, she is so cute!

She has good taste in cars too!