Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Recovery is almost worse than surgery

This week has been tough on Cailin. For the most part though, she is handling it like a trooper. Rarely complaining and mostly taking her medicine like we need to. We have hit the 5-7 days post op which are the hardest and the hospital was right, they are hard. Sunday night/Monday morning, Cailin woke around 4:30. She woke up hurting and screaming. It took both of us to get her to take some Motrin and that was a battle. Afterwards, she kept saying “rock daddy chair – mommy nurn”, over and over. Chris tried to cuddle with her and give her hugs and loving to sooth her, but she kept pushing him away. She didn’t want anything to do with Chris. I kind of felt bad for him. It took me a good hour and a half to get her calmed down and back into bed. She wasn’t all the way asleep when I went back to my bed, but she was significantly more comfortable and settled.
While I am somewhat flattered that she wanted me over daddy at night, by the time yesterday afternoon rolled around, I told Chris it was his turn and I needed a break. I was pooped. Between her being tired from the night before as well as her just being a two year old, I was going bonkers!!!! It shouldn’t take 5 attempts to get her to take some medicine that she normally likes. After she stands in the tub, slips and hits her lip on the side of the tub, she should understand why mom is telling her to sit down. I shouldn’t have to ask if she needs me to smack her bottom and she tells me yes. And then as soon as that happens, give me another attitude thing that she knows isn’t acceptable and instantly covers her mouth so she doesn’t get in trouble for that as well. She shouldn’t need a shower 10 minutes after she takes a bath because she is sticky from spitting medicine everywhere in a fit. It shouldn’t be a battle to get dressed. There are all of these “shouldn’t’s that happened yesterday. It was exhausting.

It is 1130 not and she is still sleeping. She went to bed at 930, woke at 2 hurting bad, we got her a dose of motrin and got her back to sleep (took about 40 minutes). She is still asleep now though. I am hoping with this much sleep that we will have a much better day today. I pray that the healing will be speedy and she will be back to normal soon!!

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