Friday, May 16, 2008

Customer service

I decided what watch I wanted to get. I decided on the two toned watch. Of course it was the most expensive... sigh. If you look at the citizen web site, it is a $375 watch. OIY! I think the most expensive watch I have owned was my mickey watch which cost $65. It was hard to think about spending this much for a watch, but I know it will last, and it is a great quality watch. I searched and searched and found a web site that offered it for UNDER $200!! Someone told me that some sites you have to be careful because they might be refurbished or whatever, so then i went from excited to skeptical. Why are they offereing it so cheap? This was even way cheaper than I could find on ebay (about $70-80 cheaper). I told Chris I would feel better if we could get it from somewhere local so if we did need to take it for service we could and we wouldn't need to worry about warranty and shipping it and all that good stuff. I went to the mall and asked some of the stores if they priced matched. The only store that offered to price match was Zales. Alex their manager was the one who helped me and he was incredibly nice and helpful. He told me that if i could find a better price on line, print a copy and bring it to him. I did. he was shocked at the cost, but didn't hesitate. They didn't have the watch i wanted in their store. He started calling other Zales stores. Apparently this is a watch that Zales does not carry on a regular basis. Instead of stopping there and just saying they couldn't get it for me, he calls his contact at Citizen. He told me that if I wanted it, i would have to pay for the watch, and then they would special order it directly from citizen. It will then take 3-6 weeks for the watch to come in, but this way it is direct from citizen. I made my payment yesterday and now i have to wait.
Kudo's to Alex for such great customer service. He definately went over and above what I expected!!!!!!!


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