Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just a Start

I wanted to start a list of words that Cailin uses on a regular basis so if you come around, You can translate. I will try to add more as I think of them... it is too close to midnight. I know I forgot something.

Cailin’s words/pronunciation

Om-eey = Homey
Omrey = hungry
Dashyrabul = Socksy and Rebel
Yesse = Jesse
Yaddy = Jesse
Euk = Look
Merry-mis = merry Christmas
Dov due = love you
Bobby = potty
Ewww = self explanatory
Mummy = bunny
Nay = horse
Melmo = elmo
Bibbit = frog
Dit = sick (she fakes a cough and says ‘I dit’)
Nanny = Nattalie next door
Nonny = snotty
Nan-due = thank you
Stesh = Steff
Un-til-tile = Uncle Kyle
Dasch = socks
Bosch = off
Poppy = Poppy or Puppy, you have to look at what she has, or is doing, or what she is looking at.
Dowl = clouds, and towel
Munch = lunch
Mimmie = binkie which she doesn’t use
Na-net = blanket
Pi-dow = pillow
Neeese = sneezed
Bat = bath
Mesh = mess
Mome = home
i-non-nont-no = I don’t know. The answer to EVERYTHING at the moment.
Bue = blue
Meen = green
nay-ned = naked
tuse-me = excuse me

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